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    cannot reconfigure database Hyperion foundation greyed out

      Installing Oracle EPM
      After configuring foundation services, i get the following error message when trying to start the service : 'HSS_COMPONENT_TYPES' not valid'
      I want to configure again the foundation database but option is greyed out in the EPM configuration tool.
      Anyone knows where i can reactivate the ability to configure foundation database again?
      thanks & regards
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          The only workaround I've seen to this is by renaming the EPM Instance "epmsystemx" folder under <Drive>:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects. I say rename in case you want to keep your existing folder as a backup.

          When you run the configurator, it will ask you to create a new instance and all your previous configuration will be gone.
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            Vivek Chetiaparath
            My suggestion would be the following

            1.Ensure that all the pre-requisite are met for the Database as per the start install guide (majorly with permission)
            2.Get a new schema for HSS
            3.Delete user_projects folder
            4.Do the reconfiguration again.

            The above if this is a fresh installation with no data.
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              For an EPM implementation, the configurator would create a set of tables for the Foundation Shared Services and Essbase schemas. Assuming you are using two separate schemas as recommended by Oracle docs..

              Now all that the configurator does is create a set of tables, stores some environment related configuration data into them and also adds the admin user in CSS_USERS table. Of course it creates a lot more DB objects but we need not go into that now.

              So theres nothing to 'reconfigure' in the Foundation database but can create a new instance from scratch as @luisrcastillo has pointed out. Now I haven't used this option before but my understanding is that once you do this ... your EPM instance components in epmsystemX folder will now start reading/writing to the newly configured DB instance. I guess then you could go ahead and drop the older schema.

              Also when and where do you see that error..? What scripts are you using to start the services..?