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    datafiles copied to installation ?

      Hello guru´s ,

      i have a old risk server running oracle on hpux 11.11. Now i got a new server itanium hpux 11.31 and i ´ll upgrade db to 11r2.
      as i have done this upgrade on some other plants i have a tar of oracle application folder with patched already, so i think to put this application on new server, copy the datafiles from old server, then
      startup migrate , and catpatch to patch the datafiles to the correct version.
      after this finished, i create the sysaux tbs and then i start the upgrade to 11.

      my doubt is really on this 9i part of process if this is ok, i mean, just copy datafiles from .5 to .8 application and patch is already ok ,

      let me know please

      thanks a lot.