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    BI Publisher Multiple tray/ Renaming of file / Zipping of BI Publisher O/P

      Hi Team,
      I want to know, whether we can achieve the following task in embedded BI publisher or not.
      Also, if we can do, let me know what are the possible steps to achieve them:

      1. Multiple Tray selection
      Here multiple Tray means different tray available in a single printer i.e tray 1 can have A4 paper, tray 2 can have A3 paper , tray 3 can have pre- printed stationary etc. so our BIP output can be send to multiple tray.

      *2. Checking the groupings - how many levels*
      Embedded BIP can provide a maximum of upto 4 levels of grouping.
      our requirement demand to group upto 7 level, I have suggested that we can achieve this through manual coding in RTF.

      *3. Email Feature - HTML (body is dynamic).*
      BIP has this emailing facility where we can have dynamic body in a mail. We need to figure out what max no of character , we can have in the body.

      *4. Reports that are uploaded to different folders.*
      It means that PDF/RTF files should be able to be copied to different folders like C:\DMU, D:\CTA etc

      5. Inserting records into SQL
      We need to find way for connecting to database and inserting our BIP records.

      6. Renaming files for the Email and Doc Central.
      We need to find out methods where we can rename our BIP outputs.Generally BIP file name gets generated automatically with UBE engine when it generates XML file.

      *7. Integrate with Doc Central (PDFs and Common XML)*
      Client is having one DOC Central software where client keeps repository of all its documents. we need to figure out that can we integrate our JDE with DOC central for keeping our BIP outputs in it.

      *8.Zipping of the files and sending the documents by FTP.*
      we need to figure out ways where we can zip our BIP outputs and send it through FTP.

      Let me know possible ways to achieve above 8 constraints, any java/dot net program if require to meet those above 8 facilities are also welcome.

      Deepak Mishra