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    2 issues with Importing an App with translations

      Hi guys,

      I've noticed the following issues in APEX 4.1 and also the 4.2 version on apex.oracle.com :

      1) After importing a .sql file that contained the primary and translated application, if we change the ID of the translated application (which is allowed by APEX), the translation no longer takes effect. Even after re-doing a seed and a publish, although the .xliff file appears to be translated, the application is not translated in run time. But the internal APEX labels are (Welcome message, interactive reports, etc.).

      Here's a detailed step of what I did:

      -Created an application in English
      -Mapped it to a French app
      -Seed, translation, publish
      -Tested the translation with the P_LANG change (translation based on Session) and the translation was in effect.
      -Exported the application with the translation

      -Deleted the application with its tranlsation
      -Imported the application and reused the same ID
      -Went in Shared Components > Globalization and changed the translated app's ID
      -Seeded, published
      -Tested the translation with the P_LANG change and none of the translation manually edited by me took effect.

      Perhaps the problem lies in the mapping of the translation data?

      2)If an application with the same ID as the translated application contained in your .sql file already exists, when choosing to reuse the ID of the .sql file, that application will be overwritten by the translated application without any warning and will no longer be listed in your applications list.

      Please let me know what you guys think of these issues or if they aren't actually issues. Also, if there is a better place to report APEX issues, please let me know.