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    Report Not apperaing in User's Query Report Viewer Menu

      Hello There!

      Continuing with below thread
      Report Category not Appearing in Report Definition

      When i search for a report i created, i'm(as a normal user) not able to find any report after searching.(assigned to me or to my role.)
      The view PSXPRPTSRCH_VW has two tables PSXPRPTDEFN and PSXPDATASRC .Both have oprid column which is blank and the above view's first where clause is asking for oprid.
      I don't understand how then all the doc./papers on internet i read, to create Report using XML Publisher says/shows the report appears in user menu(query report viewer). May be they still using PS login to show the output?

      Anybody have any idea where am going wrong?
      The category,datasource,Definition,query tree all set properly. Do user need any special role/permission assigned?
      BTW user can see the query report viewer menu.


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      Peoplesoft Version 9.00
      Database Oracle 10.2