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    NullPointerException in ibeCCkdOrdSummary.jsp


      We are implementing iStore 12.1.3

      When we submit a sales assistance request, we are getting following error:
           at ibeCCkdOrdSummary.jspService(_ibeCCkdOrdSummary.java:1857)
      (I can attach entire stack trace if required)

      Error is coming from following line in ibeCCkdOrdSummary.jsp:
      if(IBE_logEnabled) IBEUtil.log("xxibeCCkdOrdSummary.jsp","Published Quote, displaying Quote Number"+shopCart.getCartNumber());

      shopCart is null here.

      I generated IBE Debug Log..I found that ShoppingCart.load() is failing. Corrsponding part in Log is as follows:
      4:46:11:939 [oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.quote.Quote.loadHeader] binding variables, qID:1=466, partyID:2=202336, custAcctID:3=7086
           complete binding variables
      4:46:11:940 [oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.quote.Quote.loadHeader] define column types...
           - basic header query - light, i=10
           - !bAppendDeep, i=12
           - basic header query - shallow, i=82
           - billing header query - basic, i=90
      4:46:11:941 [oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.quote.Quote.loadHeader] calling executeQuery ...
      4:46:11:944 [oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.quote.Quote.loadHeader] returned from executeQuery, rset=null?false
      4:46:11:945 [oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.quote.Quote.loadHeader] end, bLoaded=false
      4:46:11:945 [oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.quote.ShoppingCart.load(CartControlRecord,String, String[],String)] header loaded?false
      4:46:11:946 [oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.quote.ShoppingCart.load(CartControlRecord,String, String[],String)] failed to load quote, header record is null
      4:46:11:947 [oracle.apps.ibe.shoppingcart.quote.ShoppingCart.load(CartControlRecord,String, String[],String)] load failed, returning null

      Any prompt help/suggestion in this regard is really appreciated. This issue is critical for us.
      Thanks in advance
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          Please confirm the following setups:

          Set Profile Options:
          ASO: Default Quote Status
          Set this to Store Draft at the iStore application level

          ASO: Validate Salesrep
          Set to No.

          Setup the  Oracle Quoting parameters:

          Default Order Type -- Set to Mixed.

          Default Salesrep: Set to the default sales representative for sales assistance.

          Navigation steps to set these parameters -

          a.Log in to Oracle Self Service Applications as System Administrator and select the HRMS Vision Enterprises responsibility.
          b. Navigate to Work Structures: Organization, and then select Description.
          c. Search for Vision Operations in the Find Organization screen (or, search for a
          different organization, if appropriate to your implementation).
          d. After finding the organization, select the Find button to retrieve the Organization
          e. In the Classifications region of the Organization window, find the Operating Unit
          classification and highlight the record.
          f. Select the Others button to retrieve the Additional Organization Information
          g. In the list, select Quoting Parameters and press Ok.Click inside the window that

          Oracle® iStore Implementation and Administration Guide Release 12.1 (Part No. E13575-02)
          Implementing Customer Assistance, Page 14-5

          Thank you,
          Deborah Bourgeois
          Oracle Customer Support