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    Solaris 10


      I would need to convert my ZFS files systems to pre Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) is there any way, tool ... to do it

      This is the hardware and SO:

      SunOS 5.10 Generic_147440-10 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V490

      any ideas on how this can be acheived?
      suggest please Thanks,
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          There is no way to convert an ZFS pool into SVM volume manager.

          however, if you have a mirrored pool, you may consider
          - detaching the mirror drive and initialize it with svm and then copy your data manually to the new SVM volume.
          - Test
          - Destroy the ZFS pool and initialize and attach the disk to the SVM volume.


          Ushas Symon
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            I have tried to migrate solaris 10 (zfs) to (SVM), By LiveUpgrade be "copied" the OS FS zfs to ufs structure (SVM), but this message appears from LiveUpgrade:

            ERROR: File system template option -m is not allowed when BE has ZFS root

            We need to migrate the OS within rpool (zfs) to SVM. Is there a procedure?


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              you may try flash archive image using flarcreate, and restore it to new UFS.

              Ushas Symon
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                Hi Ushas.

                Progress ..... ...

                I trying to run flarcreate:

                command: flarcreate -n solaris10 -c -S -R / /imagen/solaris10.flar

                I've had to remove the "-x" because I get the following:

                "ERROR: The A, f, F, x, x, y and z options are not compatible with archiving to ZFS pool"

                Then I try to boot from DVD and select "Flash Image" , so when I select the image Flar created appears:

                "ERROR: The file type is ZFS can not be used to install a system"

                I think it does not work fine with zfs. Is there something that I'm not doing well, when I run the flar create?

                thanks very much for your input

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                  Hi Victorio,

                  Why do you want to go backward to SVM when zfs root pool is superior to it and has many advanced features?

                  Ushas Symon
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                    The company prefers to have all servers with Solaris 10 and SVM filesystem, unified. "For now".
                    Any suggestions would be most appreciated

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                      I don't know of any automated tools that can convert a ZFS root file system to a UFS root file system.
                      The Solaris tools are generally to migrate UFS to ZFS and not the other way around.

                      You can use tar or cpio to copy the ZFS data into a UFS file system, but this method is probably not
                      very helpful for copying a root file system.

                      I think you are better off re-installing one of your systems back to UFS and then using that image
                      to replicate/install other systems.


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                        **migration procedure ZFS to SVM, with flart option** it working fine.

                        host007:root:/$ zpool list
                        base_pool 21.9G 4.96G 16.9G 22% ONLINE -
                        dump_pool 24G 22.0G 2.00G 91% ONLINE -
                        rpool 22.5G 10.0G 12.5G 44% ONLINE -
                        swap_pool 41.8G 132K 41.7G 0% ONLINE -

                        zpool export base_pool

                        We break the zfs MIRROR SYSTEM: rpool, swap, dump

                        host007:root:/$ zpool detach rpool c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s0
                        host007:root:/$ zpool detach dump_pool c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s3
                        host007:root:/$ zpool detach swap_pool c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s1

                        we generate the flartcreate as follows:

                        flarcreate -n solaris10_host007 -c -L cpio -S -R / /mnt/solaris10_host007.flar

                        we started installing solaris10, SVM
                        {10} ok boot cdrom

                        with option  F4_Flash


                        We mount syatem disk where is SVM.
                        mkdir -p /tmp/root/a
                        host007:root:/$ mount /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s0 /tmp/root/a
                        rm /tmp/root/a/etc/path_to_inst
                        rm -rf /tmp/root/a/devices/*
                        rm -rf /tmp/root/a/dev/*
                        cd /devices; find . | cpio -pmd /tmp/root/a/devices
                        cd /dev; find . | cpio -pmd /tmp/root/a/dev
                        devfsadm -C -r /tmp/root/a -p /tmp/root/a/etc/path_to_inst -v
                        cp /etc/path_to_inst /tmp/root/a/etc/

                        updating files:

                        echo "domain host.es.cert" >  /tmp/root/a/etc/resolv.conf
                        echo "nameserver" >> /tmp/root/a/etc/resolv.conf
                        echo "" >  /tmp/root/a/etc/defaultrouter
                        echo " netmask" > /tmp/root/a/etc/hostname.ce1
                        echo " netmask" > /tmp/root/a/etc/hostname.ce2
                        echo " netmask" > /tmp/root/a/etc/hostname.ce3
                        echo "host007" > /tmp/root/a/etc/nodename

                        vi /tmp/root/a/etc/vfstab

                        {10} ok boot disk1

                        host007 console login:

                        We encapsulate the O.S, SVM (root)

                        cp /etc/system /etc/system.orig_16102012
                        cp /etc/vfstab /etc/vfstab.orig_16102012

                        host007:root:/etc$ /usr/sbin/metadb -a -c3 -f /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s3 /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s4
                        host007:root:/etc$ metadb -i
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit -f d11 1 1 c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s0
                        d11: Concat/Stripe is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit d10 -m d11 1
                        d10: Mirror is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metaroot d10
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit -f d21 1 1 c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s1
                        d21: Concat/Stripe is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit d20 -m d21 1
                        d20: Mirror is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit -f d31 1 1 c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s5
                        d31: Concat/Stripe is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit d30 -m d31 1
                        d30: Mirror is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit -f d41 1 1 c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s6
                        d41: Concat/Stripe is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit d40 -m d41 1
                        d40: Mirror is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit -f d51 1 1 c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s7
                        d51: Concat/Stripe is setup
                        host007:root:/etc$ metainit d50 -m d51 1
                        d50: Mirror is setup

                        host007:root:/$ cd /etc
                        host007:root:/etc$ vi vfstab
                        #device device mount FS fsck mount mount
                        #to mount to fsck point type pass at boot options
                        fd - /dev/fd fd - no -
                        /proc - /proc proc - no -
                        /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s1 - - swap - no -
                        /dev/md/dsk/d10 /dev/md/rdsk/d10 / ufs 1 no -
                        /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s5 /dev/rdsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s5 /usr ufs 1 no -
                        /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s6 /dev/rdsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s6 /var ufs 1 no -
                        /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s7 /dev/rdsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s7 /opt ufs 2 yes -
                        /devices - /devices devfs - no -
                        sharefs - /etc/dfs/sharetab sharefs - no -
                        ctfs - /system/contract ctfs - no -
                        objfs - /system/object objfs - no -
                        swap - /tmp tmpfs - yes -
                        host007:root:/etc/init.d$ init 6

                        MIRROR DISCS

                        OS DISKs:

                        AVAILABLE DISK SELECTIONS:
                        0. c4t500000E01398A4E0d0 <SUN146G cyl 14087 alt 2 hd 24 sec 848> (c3t0d0) ZFS

                        1. c4t500000E01398B4B0d0 <SUN146G cyl 14087 alt 2 hd 24 sec 848> (c3t1d0) SVM

                        1) We delete POOLS:

                        zpool destroy base_pool
                        zpool destroy dump_pool
                        zpool destroy rpool
                        zpool destroy swap_pool

                        2) format -e c4t500000E01398A4E0d0
                        <answer] …. [1] option: 0

                        3) prtvtoc Ensure that the partition table of both disks are identical:

                        # prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c4t500000E01398B4B0d0s2 | fmthard -s - /dev/rdsk/c4t500000E01398A4E0d0s2

                        4) check: format

                        5) update the metadb with two copies of the new disk:

                        /usr/sbin/metadb -a -c3 /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398A4E0d0s3 /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398A4E0d0s4

                        metadb -i

                        metainit d12 1 1 /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398A4E0d0s0
                        metainit d22 1 1 /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398A4E0d0s1
                        metainit d32 1 1 /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398A4E0d0s5
                        metainit d42 1 1 /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398A4E0d0s6
                        metainit d52 1 1 /dev/dsk/c4t500000E01398A4E0d0s7

                        metattach d10 d12
                        metattach d20 d22
                        metattach d30 d32
                        metattach d40 d42
                        metattach d50 d52

                        metastat |grep -i resync
                        metastat |grep -i progress