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    Atttibure creation error (403, 'presentationobject.dtd')

      While trying to create New Attribute editor, I keep reciving:

      "Cannot save asset.
      This attempt to save the Attribute Editor has failed.
      Error -403 encountered while saving. Couldn't find external DTD 'presentationobject.dtd' "

      I checked the location of 'presentationobject.dtd', it's in default jsk(7.62) installation folder. I would be very greatful for any advice, on how to fix it.

      Best Regards, Denis
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          Hi, a couple of suggestions:
          1. Make sure that <?XML VERSION="1.0"?> is the first line in the code and that there are no spaces before it.
          2. Make sure that <?XML VERSION="1.0"?> is the only thing on the first line - that there is a hard return at the end of it
          3. Make sure that you don't have any strange hidden characters in the xml (copy it to a simple text editor like vim or textpad, and back again)

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