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    Archive to File System and UCM


      I'm struggling to get Documaker 12.1 to archive pdf's to either a file system or UCM. Our ultimate aim is to archive into UCM, but for now I'm keeping things simple and just trying to archive to the filesystem.
      Documaker EE is installed on a virtual box running Oracle Linux and the assembly line is quite happily producing pdf's.

      The assembly line Archiver, Destination - Filesystem, configuration looks like this (default values):
      destination.file.base.directory = /data/documaker/documaker/filesystem-archive (ACTIVE)
      destination.name = oracle.documaker.ecmconnector.filedestination.FileDestination (ACTIVE)
      phaselistener = PDFBurster (INACTIVE)

      The folder does exist on the filesystem but as stated before isn't being populated with any documents.

      Likewise, I have configured my 'Destination - UCM' to look like this:
      destination.name = oracle.documaker.ecmconnector.ucmdestination.UCMDestination (ACTIVE)
      destination.ucm.connectionstring_0 = idc://ukcam-dc-app06.server.wp.rbsgrp.net:4444 (ACTIVE)
      destination.ucm.importmethod = 0 (ACTIVE)
      In addition to the username and password being set and ACTIVE.

      One thing I'm not sure on is whether the 'Batchings Group' , in this case called 'BATCH', has to also have the 'Archive' tickbox ticked on the 'Distribution' tab?
      When I tried this I'm pretty sure I started seeing '241 - Assembly Error's, but I wondered if that was due to the fact the 'Destination' drop down wasn't set on the same tab? This drop down is empty for me and I can't see what populates it.

      I can telnet the UCM machine and port from my Documaker VM.

      Can anyone help me?



      P.S. I've been led to believe that the UCM Connector is no longer required to connect to UCM. Is this correct?
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          Managed to resolve this. The assembly line 'Batchings' configuration for the Batch, as expected did need the 'Archive' tick box ticked on the 'Distribution' tab. The root issue I was facing was that the 'Destination' drop-down to the right contained no entries other than 'null'.

          The DMKR_ASLINE.bchings db table needed the bchingarcdest column set to the name of Destination configured for the Archiver i.e. UCM in my case.

          Use the following SQL to update the table...

          update DMKR_ASLINE.bchings set bchingarcdest = '+destination name+' where bchingname = '+batch name+';

          Bizarrely, the drop down in the Administrator then shows an empty ('') option, in addition to the 'null'.

          An Oracle response as to why this drop-down isn't being populated correctly would be appreciated, but for now this work-around solves my problem.
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            Hi Steve,

            Yes, Archive option has to be ON for the batch for it to archive through any archive destination in the Batchings->Distribution tab.

            Yes, you have to also tell the system which Destination to use in the Batchings->Distribution ->Destination picklist on the distribution tab. The picklist is defaulted with items for the out-of-the-box pre-configured and supported destinations (extendable). This list actually comes from the Translations data available to view and modify via the "Translate" button on the top of the Systems Overview top level tab when you pick the assembly line in the list. Picklist for destinations is dynamically loaded based on settings in the Translation->GroupID-> BCHINGS.BCHINGARCDEST from the Translations page and it maps to the Context Name=DESTINATION via the Translation->ID to the Archiver's Category and looks up the Configuration properties at run time for class to load and config.
            Note: The display from Translation properties for that Group is what it uses in the picklist so picklists can be locale based.

            A 241 is a document assembly phase error which happens way before batching so the cause of that should be unrelated. Look in the Dashboard and drill down and see if the system gives you more detail and error description on the transaction. If you were producing content in the post-batching phases (presenter) with the same exact input then either the method of submitting extract or configuration of publishing engine is not correct when this error occurs. usually assembly errors are either font, library resource (forms, images, sections, rules, etc.) or other resource related.

            The 400s codes are batching phase codes, higher values are post-batch phases, presenter, publisher, archiver, signer, publishing notifier, etc.

            Once you get back past I suspect you have not specified the FTP Destination in the destination picklist on the distribution tab in the batchings config and you need to validate the existence of /data/documaker/documaker/filesystem-archive directory is there (normally created in installation process) and is rw by user you are using to run the factory as.