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    Keyboard weirdness on 4.7

      Anyone else upgrade to 4.7 only to find out that keyboard handleing is very poor? We have users with constant "stuck" control keys when using the VDI broker to Windows 7 desktops, some users have the issue, some have it half the time, and other users dont have it at all.

      Just wondering if I am the only lucky one or if others are silent sufferers? I have a SR open on the issue aswell.
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          No official word from Oracle, but in our testing this does appear to be a bug in 4.7, or the new VDI broker, but the issue ONLY occurs when a user uses "Control Alt Del" to login to a Windows 7 desktop. Even though they are suppose to use Control Alt End, in SGD 4.61, using Control Alt Del didnt introduce the "stuck control" keys.