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    File Attachment and URL

      I’ve developed a program that uploads files from a user local pc to an sftp server using cloned versions of PS delivered objects. In the 91 development instance it is working perfectly. However when I migrate it to ST it is failing.
      The error is "URL Catalog entry 'MY_SS_FILE_IMPORT'” not found. (2,716) MY_FLE_ATCH_WRK.ATTACHADD.FieldChange Name: add_attachment called from:
      MY_RCC_DSE013.GBL.MY_FLE_ATCH_WRK.ATTACHADD.FieldChange statement:8

      The URL catalog entry specified in the first parameter of ViewURL() was not found.. "

      The URL catalog MY_SS_FILE_IMPORT URL id is in the PSURLDEFN table just like in DV. Even in the PeopleTools Test Utility it works in DV but gets the “doesn’t see the url id in ST. But it is there. Anyone seen this before??