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    AutoVue 20.2 UCM VueLink SSO problem

      We have just installed AutoVue 20.2 and configured the VueLink for UCM. Everything works properly, including proper authentication with ucm, however when I go into UCM and click 'view in autovue' it challenges me for a username and password. Is there any way to make the autovue applet not challenge for authentication?

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          Daniel Gariepy-Oracle
          Hi Matt,

          We would need to see the VueLink and AutoVue server logs in order to see if there is any specific errors in them. To enable the VueLink log please refer to Note 1447757.1 and to enable the AutoVue server log please refer to Note 1151834.1. Both notes can be found in My Oracle Support. Once the logs are properly enabled you can simply reproduce the problem and create a new SR in My Oracle Support and attached the logs to the SR along with the problem description. I would also suggest to mention the VueLink version along with the UCM version you are using.