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    TB report error

      Hi All,

      This is just something basic but I am not able to locate the error. I have tallied the trial balance but the report that is generated is showing TB error. Can anyone help me on this?


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          I am sure we can try, but i think a little more information would be helpful. e.g.

          1. At what point of the FDM workflow process does this imbalance occur?
          2. Have you confirmed the input file balanced?
          3. Were any records omitted on import (check import log)?
          4. Have any accounts got the "sign switch" flag set?
          5. Are any data transformations set to "ignore"?
          6. which TB balance report is showing the discrepancy?
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            1. I think it is during the export stage (when report is generated), if that is what you meant. I am a newbie.
            2. Yes, the input file is balanced.
            3. No records were omitted.
            4. As I am new to this tool, don't know much abot sign switch. So, haven't used it.
            5. Again, what do you mean by set to ignore?
            6. Same as point no. 1 (it gets automatically generated).

            I might not have been able to provide the necessary info. But, let me tell you that, I think there is something fishy with assets, dep. and accumulated dep. That is what I think.

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              I am assuming you do the on-line workflow: import, validate, export / load:-

              1. On the import screen, there is a button which allows you to view the import log for the file imported. This should be checked to ensure that no valid records have been skipped for any reason.

              2. The Account mapping has a flag on each mapping record which allows the user to flip the sign (It primarly depends on how the target application is set up) so for instance if all data is loaded to HFM as positive values, it provides the facility to switch the flag on accounts which are normally a negative value. E.g. If revenue on the import file was -12345.67, then FDM could switch this to +12345.67 by setting the flag

              3. As part of the mapping process FDM the user has the ability to map source codes to a target of 'ignore', which means any source records mapped to this will not get loaded to the target application. If you go into the Validate or Export screen, the you should be able to check if any dimension for a record has been mapped to 'Ignore'.

              4. Another possibility is which TB report you are looking at. Is it one of the standard FDM reports in which case are you viewing the TB based on the source codes or the target codes. Or, is the report a bespoke validation report specifically written to be produced as part of the final check step?
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                I checked the log. It states that 2 accounts have been bypassed can't find which two (so finding out).

                It also states there is a type conversion. Excluded and blank record count is 1.

                Will let you know if something happens. Inputs from your side is appreciated.