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    Migration Problem-BIP Batch Conversion(Oracle Reports to BI Publisher)

      Hi All,
      While converting reports from RDF reports to BI Publisher reports using BIP Batch Conversion approach, I face the error:
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/apps/xdo/rdfparser/BIPBatchConversion.

      I have downloaded those required jar files xdocore.jar,aolj.jar,xdoparser.jar,versioninfo.jar,collections.jar from BI Publisher Server. I didnt find any xmlparserv2-904.jar and j5472959_xdo.zip.

      I have tried to download the jar file j5472959_xdo.zip from metalink but it shows error with file.

      Also I have found a jar file xmlparserv2but not xmlparserv2-904.jar.

      Does the missing of those jar files result in the error?
      Can any one help to fix this issue?