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    Default model search attributes

    Brent Harlow
      Hi guys,

      Using JDeveloper and JHeadstart

      I'm having problems with the default model search component. As per section 7.1.2 of the JHS Developers guide, I have "not specified any view criteria which results in a default search where the user can select all attributes that have "Queryable" checked in the view object attribute editor".

      This works fine until I need to change the queryable status of some of the view attributes. Even after unselecting the queryable attribute in the view object, the attribute is still being shown in the quick and advanced search fields. I have tried deleting the page/page def/task flow etc and regenerating but the original attributes always remain in the search area. This seems to work ok for view objects based on entities but does not for non-entity view objects.

      I can see in the pageDef that the searchregion component has an attribute "Criteria" populated with "__ImplicitViewCriteria__". How does this criteria get populated ? And why do my original attributes remain in the search fields even though they no longer are specified as "queryable" in the view object.

      I'm tearing my hair out trying to get these old fields to disappear from the search components - HELP !