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    Invalid Character Error

      Hi All,

      I have a problem regarding Invalid Character error.
      The below query which i have mentioned has been written for content search.
      The query executes once properly giving the result.
      If the same query is executed second time in the session it fails giving the following message.

      *ORA-20000: Oracle Text error:
      ORA-00911: invalid character*

      The query will run properly if its executed in one more session.
      Someone please help me out in fixing this.

      SELECT afm.record_id, afm.faq_id, afm.faq_title, afm.faq_response,
      afm.product, afm.country, afm.theraptic, afm.inquiry_category,
      afm.faq_keywords, afm.major_version, afm.minor_version,
      afm.completion_flag, afm.approved,
      find_wf_activity (afm.record_id, jbpm_process_inst_id),
      fn_faq_companyunit_list (afm.record_id),
      fn_faq_products_list (afm.record_id), afm.faq_expiry_date,
      afm.global_asset, afm.lang_code
      FROM agx_faq_maintainence afm, jbpm_token jt
      WHERE jt.processinstance_ = afm.jbpm_process_inst_id
      AND jt.node_ IN (65, 79, 85, 67, 69, 86)
      AND afm.latest_version = 1
      AND ( UPPER (afm.faq_id) LIKE 'MEDICATION%' ESCAPE '\'
      OR contains (afm.faq_keywords, '{MEDICATION%}') > 0
      ORDER BY afm.faq_id ASC