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    Copying  exiting Pages between appliction

      How to copy existing pages from one application to another in same environment ?
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          what pages do you want to copy and between what environements ?

          there is the emgr_update command (coupled with get_ws_settings and set_ws_settings commands) you can run for workench configuration copy of files between environements , however for pagebuilder template i guess you have to manually copy those templates between your environements ...

          take a look at the IAP Admin Guide http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29584_01/IAPAdminGuide.pdf (starting page 111) at the "Transferring Endeca Implementations
          Between Environments" section, here is an exerpt :

          emgr_update syntax reference

          This section lists all command line parameters that you can use with emgr_update.
          The emgr_update utility assists you in updating the instance configuration of a production system
          based on the changes made with the Endeca tools in a staging environment.
          You run emgr_update from a command line. Open a command prompt or UNIX shell to run the program.
          The syntax for running emgr_update is: emgr_update <parameters>
          The following table describes the command line parameters you can use with emgr_update.You can
          specify only one --action operation for each invocation of the utility.

          Here is an example of usage:

          emgr_update host localhost:8006 action get_ws_settings
          prefix wine dir /apps/endeca/data/forge_input --app_name wine

          hope that helps


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            Thanks for your reply :)
            I want to copy page builder templates from one application to another.
            Instead of copying it manually, i need come script to do copying.
            Steps i followed:

            1) Document the difference between templates in both application(i.e property)
            2) Write a bat file which
            2.1) Compare the template with xlsx
            2.2) If there is mis-match,then replace it