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    Need to Access Project in Multiple operating units

    Suresh Sikha

      I am Working Oracle Projects and Templates R12. I need to access any project in any operating units. I found the one solution on it based on META LINK ID : 399297.1
      this solution is working fine.But is there any option except this.

      Please help on this ASAP

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          Dina Rotem

          In R12 you might need to set up your resonsibility with access to all operating units available on the instance.

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            Within Oracle Projects you have the following integrated security mechanisms to access organisation, project, and resource information, as well as a variety of Oracle Projects functions. These mechanisms are all based on function security, which is the foundation of Oracle Applications security.

            Using these integrated security mechanisms, you can define Oracle Projects security at the following levels:

            Responsibility level, across projects.
            Project level, using project roles.
            Organization level, using predefined organization authority roles.

            Note: You can override Oracle Projects security by using the security client extension.

            I suspect from your question you are looking for an appropriate use of R12's multiple organization access control (MOAC) functionality.

            You must define a security profile in Oracle HRMS and assign it to the profile option MO: Security Profile at the responsibility level to provide multiple operating unit access to a responsibility. You can use individual operating units and/or organization hierarchies with organizations classified as operating units while defining the security profile. Users associated with responsibilities that have been set up in this manner can enter and process transactions in multiple operating units without changing their responsibility.

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              Well,It's the same method to the AP/AR module.You need define Profile:MO: Security Profile.
              And another profile may help you:PA: Cross Project User -- View