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    ORA-01722 error during import


      I have very strange situation.
      We have 2 environment set up the same way.
      I'm able to import everything in env1 but with the same settings I got the following error (translate.google):
      Referential Integritäts-Constraint-/Triggerinformation:
      NULL, UNIQUE and PRIMARY KEY constraints are unchanged.

      Trigger FDM. "TWQ37567851212848124_AK" was disabled before loading.
      Record 1: Rejected - Error on table TWQ37567851212848124, column AMOUNT.
      ORA-01722: invalid number

      The same file is imported in env1.

      I have checked:
      - regional settings (on both env are the same: english us), also administrative set to copy settings to newely connected users and new users
      - db character coding is american_america.AL32UTF8 in both cases

      We did several tests (to change ammounts to dot, comma) and so on. If I apply any change at application level (replace decimal separator) I have in all cases the same error.
      Any idea what else i can check?