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    i.war deploy in WLS: doc bug in Apex_listener Installation?


      The documentation of the deployment of the i.war in Weblogic Server for the Apex_listener says:

      *   Repeat the previous steps to deploy the `i.war` file.

      *   In the Optional Settings, specify the following:

      +- Name: apex+
      +- Security: Select "Custom Roles: Use roles that are defined in the Administration Console; use policies that are defined in the deployment descriptor"+
      +- Source accessibility: Select "Use the defaults defined by the deployment's targets"+

      If your domain is in Production Mode, then on the Change Center click Activate Changes.

      Is it possible that the Name should be i and not apex? When I try to deploy i.war under the name apex I get an error because I have already deployed apex.war under apex.

      thanks in advance