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    OCP IZ0-043

      i want to take the IZO-043 10g Admin II test to earn OCP credentials,i am an OCA IZ0-042 10g, to earn OCA i did not have any training , for IZ0-043 should i have to take formal training before taking the exam? if yes then from where can i take training for this IZ0-043 which would be cheapest. I am from Australia, Melbourne.

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          1) There is a Certification Community where this sort of question would probably get a better response.

          2) You don't need to take a training class before taking any certification exam. However, even if you pass the exam, you won't be an OCP until you take the training class. If you don't want to take the class through Oracle University, the cheapest option would generally to take a class through the Oracle Workforce Development Program which generally involves partnering with local colleges and universities to offer classes over a longer timeframe.

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            Check this link
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              Matthew Morris
              The information that Justin posted is correct and complete. The one thing I'll add is that there are a number of different courses that you can take to satisfy the hands-on requirement. Candidates often assume that is is necessary that they take the specific course that Oracle Education recommends as preparation for 1Z0-043, but this is not the case. You can take any of the courses listed for the Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional at the following URL: