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    Aggregate CPUs in T5240

      We have a T5240 with Solaris 10 u10 with Zones for application testing.

      It has a lot of CPUs but the core speed is rather low (1165 MHz):
      -bash-3.2# psrinfo -vp
      The physical processor has 48 virtual processors (0-7 16-55)
        UltraSPARC-T2+ (chipid 0, clock 1165 MHz)
      The physical processor has 48 virtual processors (64-95 104-119)
        UltraSPARC-T2+ (chipid 1, clock 1165 MHz)
      Our applications unfortunately are rather CPU intensive and don't take much advantage of multi-threading as they should.

      If I use LDOM would it be possible to somehow aggregate virtual processors into single faster vpus ?
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          Eric S-Oracle
          Unfortunately no, there is no notion of "aggregating" T2-series threads (on sun4v, a virtual processor corresponds to a physical HW thread) like this into a "fatter/faster" cpu.

          However, some of our newer T-series platforms, like those based on the T4, do have a concept of dynamic threading whereby there is some benefit to allocating a full core but only utilizing a subset of the threads at any time. And Solaris already knows how to do just that on these systems, via the so-called critical thread API.

          Hope this helps.