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    Business Service with multiple HTTP Request Methods

      hi all -

      I'm new to OSB and trying to prototype a solution. I have a service provider that exposes a number of HTTP operations (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE). It's a JAX-RS implementation.
      I was looking to create 1 proxy service and 1 business service for that service provider. But, within my business service, I must chose a 'HTTP Request Method' and it allows only 1 type (either GET, PUT, POST, DELETE). So, I have something working, but only for a single type (POST in my prototype). I figure I could create more proxy and business services for the other HTTP Request Methods, but I'm not sure if this is the correct approach (design/architecture).
      My other thought was to create a proxy service to front the service provider, but looking at the documentation, it looks like there should be a business service for each proxy service. If it's possible to use a proxy service without a business service to mediate the service provider, where would I add my URLs for the service provider in the proxy service.

      My apologies on the 2 part architecture/design question. I thought the group would help with getting me started.

      thanks jim