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    Confused with provider in Win64 environement


      Hope this is the right place to post - if not please bear with me )

      For one of my clients I have to setup a custom line of business application for which I have no access to source code (most likely VB6...). It will be phased out within a few months but in the meantime I need to have it working in Win7/64 (so far they are using XP).

      As far as I can tell it is using a "hard coded" named connection to the Oracle database using the OLE DB provider. But at the moment I can't seem to be able to setup such a connection. I know about running the 32 bits ODBC admin but despite by best efforts the OLE DB provider is not listed as a possible data source.

      What do I need to have it installed in Win7 / 64 for 32 bit clients (if at all possible) ?

      Thanks in advance for your help
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          The OLE DB provider isn't going to be listed in the ODBC admin, as that's where ODBC drivers are listed. They're not the same thing.

          You might want to check to make sure you copied the tnsnames.ora file over from one of the working machines to the new one, so it has the same server list to connect to. You also might want to make sure that the OLE DB provider actually installed correctly. In the installer there's a bug that causes it to not register properly in Windows 7 x64. Easiest fix for that IMO is to remove that version and install instead.

          If that doesn't work, you're going to have a hard time without access to at least the connection string.