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    ORA-00600 [xspggepGenErase04: No AW generations]

      Hi all.

      Have had an odd error a couple of time over the last 2 months on upd/commit.

      Looks like the error stack is:

      |--> !Something goes wrong!
      |--->ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [xspggepGenErase04: No AW generations],
      |---> ERROR: (ORA-34738) A severe problem has been detected. Analytic workspace operations have been disabled.
      |----> OLAP OOPS encountered, disabling UPDATEs to AWs

      All is okay again after session restart even if i re-run the entire dml redo including the commit.

      Can't find anything similar on metalink and its annoying as I can't replicate on demand. Anyone encountered this before?

      DB, Redhat 5.6