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    Conditional map overwritten by Like map.

    Adam S
      All of our HFM ICP accounts are 8 characters and non-ICP accounts are less than 8.

      I have the following script as the first line in an ICP Like map. The lines below it are standard Like maps without scripts. The problem is that in every line item with a target HFM account with a length of less than 8, the map pulls the TargetICP from further down in the Like map instead of [ICP None]. Please help.
      strSrcAcct = varValues(13)
      strTrgAcct = varValues(14)
      strSrcICP = varValues(17)
      strTrgICP = varValues(18)

      If strSrcAcct = "" Or Len(strTrgAcct) < 8 Then

           Result = "[ICP None]"

      End If