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    Issue using Letters

      I am currently using PCM 14 and BI Publisher 11g.

      The issue i am having, is with BI Publisher. I am trying to create a letter for a project, but when i press create letter, i recieve an error.

      oracle.xdo.webservice.exception.OperationFailedException: PublicReportService::generateReport failed: due to oracle.xdo.XDOException: oracle.xdo.XDOException: oracle.xdo.XDOException: Could not get data source connection for: demoError.

      Any ideas of what is causing this issue and how to fix this?
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          The letter template that is being used with the letter document does not have the correct JDBC connection linked to its data model, or the correct JDBC connection has not been created and then linked to the correct data model within the Oracle BI Publisher Console.


          Log into the Oracle BI Publisher Console and do the following:
          Default address: http://<BI_Publisher_Server>:<Port>/xmlpserver

          1 Click the Administration link located towards the top right of the console

          2 Click the JDBC Connection link located towards the left of the console just below Data Sources

          3 Click the Add Data Source button

          4 Type in a name for the Data Source ( you can type in the same name of the database/schema )

          5 Click the drop down arrow next to Driver Type and select the correct database platform that is being used for your Contract Management databases.

          If selecting Oracle - Replace the [host], [port] and [sid] information removing the brackets
          Example: jdbc:oracle:thin:@cmdbsrv1:1521:cm14

          If selecting Microsoft - Replace the [hostname], [port] and [Databasename] information removing the brackets
          Example: jdbc:hyperion:sqlserver://server_cm:1433;DatabaseName=cmdemo

          6 Enter the username and password and then click the Test Connection button

          If using Oracle - Enter the group schema user and that schema owner's password

          If using Microsoft - Enter the group user name and password ( the default is exp / sql )

          7 Click the Apply button

          8 Click the Catalog link located towards the top right of the console

          9 Expand the folder that contains your reports, forms and templates ( UK Oracle, UK Sql, US Oracle or US Sql )

          10 Click the Templates folder and then click the Edit link next to the Data Model being used by the Letter Template ( in a stock installation the data model is CMLettersDataModel )

          11 Click the drop down arrow next to Default Data Source and select the JDBC Connection created in steps 4 through 6

          12 Click the Save button ( Disc icon ) located towards the top right of the console

          13 Sign out of the BI Publisher Console and return to Contract Management and confirm the ability to create new letter documents.