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    Virtual Box, Mac OS X and Guest Additions

      I've just installed the latest 4.2.1 VBox on my iMac OS 10.6.8. I am going to run guest Linux. Besides, I need some communication between host and guest. According documentation, the "Guest Additions" solves the problem.

      So, I wanted to install it into my guest using OTN. However, the download page has warning: for 4.2.0 only. Will it work with the latter(?) 4.2.1?

      Please help.
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          There aren't any forums at this OTN site for specific help with Virtualbox.
          The forum you happened to post your question to happens to be for a thin client infrastructure kit and has nothing to do with your inquiry..

          You will need to go elsewhere.
          Start here:
          Consider their Community resources (which do include forums):