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Setup ntp keys

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I am having issues setting up authentication with ntp.
I modified the ntp.conf file on the server to say:

server "ip1 address" prefer
server "ip2 address" key 2 (this server will check in with ip1 address and all clients will check in with ip2 address)

enable auth monitor
driftfile /var/ntp/ntp.drift
statsdir /var/ntp/ntpstats/
filegen peerstats file peerstats type day enable
filegen loopstats file loopstats type day enable
filegen clockstats file clockstats type day enable

keys /etc/inet/ntp.keys
trustedkey 1
requestkey 4
controlkey 6

I created a ntp.keys file
1 M abcdefgh

Client ntp.conf file:
driftfile /var/ntp/ntp.drift
statsdir /var/ntp/ntpstats/
keys /etc/inet/ntp.keys

server "ip2 address"

I created a ntp.keys file (same as server's key file)
1 M abcdefgh

How do I know if it is using the keys? I have tried to give it bad key#s and it will sometimes correct the time and sometimes not. It just doesn't seem like it's working correctly. What is the purpose of having an ntpdate line in your crontab?
Any help would be appreciated it!! Thanks.


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