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    Apex Listsner issue

      hi All,

      I am trying to install Apex and have the following on my laptop

      1) Oracle DB 11gR2 on win 7-->this is working fine
      2) Oracle middleware fusion 11g (WebLogic Server Version:>this is working fine ,I am able to login to console.

      As I am using the Oracle Apex Listener installation ,

      I have installed the apex and done as per the below link


      but Stuck at the chapter 2)Configuring Oracle Application Express Listener

      THE ISSUE is

      Access Oracle Application Express Listener Administration
      To access Oracle Application Express Listener Administration initially, enter the following URL in your Web browser:

      when I try to login as Admin in the above ,I get invalid username password ? ora 1017.

      What is the password for this ?

      Please suggest dear experts.

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          Hi "S",

          which APEX Listener version using which Java version for your WLS do you try to get working?

          Usually, you'll need the credentials you've entered in the step [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21611_01/doc.11/e21058/install.htm#CHDCGGDG]Create Users and Roles to access APEX Listener's administration, but though the documentation uses this synonymously, the initial configuration is actually a little different and doesn't call for authentication.

          On the other hand, you say you get an ORA-01017, so I assume you are actually able to access the initial configuration and you are trying to enter the database credentials there. This fails, because you use the wrong database user.
          Hopefully, you've followed the APEX installation guide for APEX Listener as well. If so, one of your steps has been [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23903_01/doc/doc.41/e21673/otn_install.htm#BABDEEIHConfigure APEX_PUBLIC_USER Account[/url]. This would be the recommended database user to make your APEX Listener connect to your APEX instance. "Admin" is usually the user to access the APEX internal administration, which is different from APEX Listener's administration (and is also available if you access APEX through a different web server).

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            Thanks Udo

            As us suggest i used the above user (APEX_PUBLIC_USER) now .
            I am able to connect to database with above user via toad/sqlplus/sql developer

            Now the error is different as below .

            Request could not be processed due to error:
            IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

            Also I have already created the above users and roles as suggested in the link

            My JDK is jdk1.7.0_07


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              Hi "S",

              For the APEX listener 1.1 you need to create in Weblogic an administrator user for the configuration of the APEX listener.
              For example "adminlistener" with the role "Admin".
              Look for more details in the documentation of the listener.

              When you start http://<host>:<port>/apex/listenerConfigure (new configuration) or http://<host>:<port>/apex/listenerAdmin (existing configuration) you need to login with this administrator user. Thus "adminlistener".

              When the configuration page of the listener appears you need to define the connection to the database for APEX.
              This is done with the APEX_PUBLIC_USER account.
              Furthermore you need to define the hostname, port, sid or servicename of the database.
              After saving you can start APEX in the browser.

              In APEX for the Internal workspace you have to login as "Admin" with the password you defined during the installation of APEX.
              By the way I would try to avoid naming the administrators of your own APEX workspaces like "admin". Rather call them "admin_+workspace+"


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                Thanks You Dear