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    DTrace 0.3.1 released

      We just released DTrace 0.3.1. It's available on ULN (ol6_x86_64_Dtrace_BETA channel).
      You can find the kernel, modues and libctf code on https://oss.oracle.com/projects/DTrace/ (see the Sources tab).

      Changes include:
      - Packaging changes:
      + Renamed kernel-uek RPM to kernel-uek-dtrace RPM;
      + New RPMs: libdtrace-ctf and libdtrace-ctf-devel: port of the Solaris libctf type-storage library, plus associated dev headers;
      + New RPM: dtrace-utils-devel: dev headers for dtrace-utils;
      - New Features:
      + CTF support. Allows kernel types to be known in D scripts.
      + IO provider
      + Sched Provider
      - Many bugfixes

      See more details in the NEWS files or int he News section of the https://oss.oracle.com/projects/DTrace/ project area.