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    Analitic Workspace Manager error connecting to database


      I installed Oracle 11g and SQL Developer, everyting works good. But when i installed Analytic Workspace Manager, and i try to connect to the database i get this error:


      java.sql.SQLException: oracle.jdbc.driver.T2CConnection.getLibraryVersionNumber()I
      at oracle.olap.awm.connection.ConnectionManager.connect(ConnectionManager.java:109)
      at oracle.olap.awm.connection.ConnectionDialogActionThread.doAction(ConnectionDialogActionThread.java:76)
      at oracle.olap.awm.ui.dialog.ThreadedDialogActionThread.run(ThreadedDialogActionThread.java:49)

      I checked, i have JDK 6 Update 35 and JDK 6 Update 34 (64 bit) installed.

      I tried unninstalling jdk and install it again with no success.

      Anyone has an idea?