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    Swing and Nimbus Java Bug

      I have a simple app with 2 frames and Nimbus for L&F. I'm running against this bug:


      I can't vote on it (?) and it's low priority for some reason. However, when my second frame loads it's all messed up and the app crashes so it's a showstopper for me.

      I've no clue where to look for a workaround or what I can do to prevent this. If the first frame is never opened it doesn't happen, but if it is opened, the app crashes when adding a panel with components to the second frame and setting it visible.

      Please help me finding a workaround or solution for this problem. I can't just let Nimbus out.
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          The problem was caused by missing "defaultFont" key in UIDefaults. This key is needed by many UI delegates in Nimbus look and feel. Inspired by this commit:


          I decided to change the font defaults via the ui manager. There I had a new problem and following the (non-accepted) solution as proposed by Arnon on this thread:


          And using inspection to get around the problem that Nimbus changed packages in JDK releases,

          I got to this workaround:

          try {
                    for (LookAndFeelInfo info : UIManager.getInstalledLookAndFeels()) {
                    if ("Nimbus".equals(info.getName())) {
                    UIManager.getDefaults().put("defaultFont", new Font(Font.SANS_SERIF, 0, 12));
                    log.info("setting nimbus look and feel");
                    } catch (Exception e) {

          Now I can start developing.
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            Thanks for posting back, I'm sure you save someone the trouble of doing the same research you did. Please use \
             tags in the future to make code more clear and to stop the forum from trying to interpret it.