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    Add new store in CO by import DIMP file

      Hi, can any one show me how to add new store in CO by import DIMP file.

      I already try to make this file according to sample in appendix C in "possuite-1341-imp1-implementation-solutions.pdf" as below

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <StoreHierarchy xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="StoreHierarchyImport.xsd" Priority="0"
      FillType="KillAndFill" Version="1.0"
      CreationDate="2012-09-21T16:30:47.0Z" ExpirationDate="2027-12-17T09:30:47.0Z">
      <AddressLine1>Jalan Alor</AddressLine1>
      <City>Kuala Lumpur</City>

      I try to import in to CO though Data Management -> Data Import/Export. The result show it is successful on this Job but there is no any changing nor new store appear in the CO.

      Could any one enlighten me on this matter?
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          Uttam Kumar
          This is a DIMP file and should not be uploaded into the application using Data Import/Export. This should be part of DIMP jar file and should be placed into the incoming folder of CO from where the application would pick it based on the import timing, then only you will be able to see new stores in the application. Moreover, this file is incomplete as it does not have store hierarchy defined for the particular store. So, even if this file is successfully consumed by DIMP, you will not be able to see your new store. Please refer DIMP section in documentation for more details.

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            Thanks for your reply Uttam,

            That mean I have to add the hierarchy part and put in a DIMP jar file, then place the jar file in incoming folder. I have to set the schedule for import this file.
            I will try this but may you show me how DIMP jar file should look like? or where can I find this file.

            Is there any other way that easier to create a new store for CO? I only have CO, BO, POS and SIM.

            Always appreciate your advice. :)
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              Uttam Kumar
              Normally DIMP file comes from RMS system, so if you have that, you can easily get that otherwise you may ask Oracle if they provide any sample DIMP jar bundle. Moreover, there are only 2 ways to create new store; either through importing DIMP bundle or directly inserting data into tables.
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                Thanks Uttam,

                I can add new store by directly insert data in to database now. I will also try to ask oracle for the sample DIMP jar bundle file. :)

                So, basically, it mean that RMS is the system that responsible to create and distribute new store, employee, currency, tax etc. to CO and BO via DIMP functionality. Please correct me if I'm wrong.