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    RMS 12.0.11 system_options table setup

      looking for documentation to explain what the TSF_* fields are to be populated with. and how the what each value tells the system to do.
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          Preeti (Oracle)

          Please refer the following notes that will give you a clear picture on most of the TSF releated System Options, do revert if you have any further questions.

          What is the Functionality For New System Options Parameters: TSF_AUTO_CLOSE_STORE, TSF_AUTO_CLOSE_WH, and INCREASE_TSF_QTY_IND (Doc ID 432841.1)
          What Is The Purpose Of System Option TSF_PRICE_EXCEED_WAC_IND? (Doc ID 579982.1)

          In addition to the above here is a brief description of the other parameters:


          This can wither be 'S' - Sending Location or 'R' Receiving Location. This is used to identify which location gets the retail markdown difference in case of Store-to-Store transfers.

          There are 3 other similar options for Store to WH, WH to Store and WH to WH.


          This allows you to specify the days for which transfers of type "MRT" are to be retained in the system.


          Allows you to specify the months for which all the completed transfers should be retained by the system.

          Hope this helps. Thanks.