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    Additional extrinsics in the PunchOutSetupRequest


      First off I'm new to Oracle. Here is my question: We are using iProcurement 11, and we are trying to get a punchout catalog work for a supplier that requires some additional extrinsics to be passed in the PunchOutSetupRequest cXML document such as:

      *<Extrinsic name="CustomFilterQuery">myValueHere</Extrinsic>*

      I'm trying to figure out where I can configure these extra settings but I have no clue where they are. When setting up a new punchout catalog in the setup screen I select "Supplier" as Source, then "Direct Punchout (cXML)" as method, and then I enter all the required parameters according to the supplier's specifications, but then he told us that needs 4 additional Extrinsics.

      Does anyone have experience with this? Could you please tell me where I can set these Extrinsics up in iProcurement?

      Thanks in advance.