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    OTN brings up pages quickly, then locks up the browser for 20+ seconds.

      I am running IE7 on Windows XP. When I go to OTN the page will display quickly but then locks up the browser for over 20 seconds. During that 20 seconds it is pegging one of my 2 CPUs. I have tried on a Win7 machine running IE8 and it works fine there. I tried a FireFox on a Citrix platform and that worked fine. When I tried IE7 on Citrix that exhibited the same 20 second delay as IE7 on my desktop. So possibly IE7 related.

      I've tried emptying all the browser caches, cookies, history etc. That did not help.

      I have a SysInternals Process Monitor log file of the problem if you are interested.

      I have also opened an SR SR 3-6249649411 related to this problem but they tell me it needs to be handled through this forum.

      Thanks for your help.

      David Fielding
      Oracle DBA
      Bonneville Power Administration

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