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    Oracle driver binaries

      Maybe the wrong sub-forum but i couldn't find a better fit.

      if I use these technologies

      Java thin client

      What should I install in the production environment?

      Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client
      ODAC 11.2 Release 5

      What is the difference?

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          I need ODP.NET
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            Download fom the below link

            Thank you
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              I know where it is available. :)

              But what are the differences?
              Is ODAC for the production enviromrent?
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                What are the differences? Well in general,

                ODAC is a bundle containing the Windows interfaces and the Oracle Instant client.
                It's convenient if your a developer and also has some of the latest features such as VS 2012 support/ ODT for Visual Studio. etc.
                Often the new features will appear in ODAC first .

                The standard Oracle Client has more install options - It has instant client as well as administrator / runtime install options (which are not instant clients).
                Those other install options can install additional components / utilities not featured in ODAC such as OraPKI (for wallets), tnsping, etc.
                If you run the installer you can see exactly what gets installed in a full administrator install - for most deployment purposes you probably won't need
                the majority of the components in the admin install.

                For production I believe either is applicable.

                Hope this helps

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                  Hi John, thanks alot for your answer!

                  Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Client seems to be older.
                  Actually I cannot find information such as the relase date and what the version of the odp.net it contains!
                  Is this information available?
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                    11g Release 2 is older, and doesn't actually contain Entity Framework IIRC. The patched version to bring it up to (which does contain EF) is available through the Oracle support website but not on the main download page for some reason. I have no idea why.

                    The ODAC download comes with the Instant Client, which I think will have everything you need. Not 100% sure on that though, I don't do Java these days. :)
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                      The Oracle Client is an early version and released on September 2009.

                      As Tridus says this was before some of the new features you see in the latest ODAC.
                      With base you get ODP.net

                      If you have a support agreement you can get the Client via My Oracle Support and with a later patch
                      provides support for EF.