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    update of ocr file


      I have dropped my RAC database and ASM database as well . Now when i'm checking my " crs_stat -t " it showing offline. but when i drop my database it should not shown in "crs_stat -t " . how can i remove my database name and asm name details from crs_stat -t.

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          What is your 4 digits Oracle version ?
          What are exactly the steps you have followed to drop RAC database and ASM instance ?

          I think that you should use SRVCTL to remove RAC database and ASM instance from OCR.

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            Peter Häusler
            depend on your database version. I think you are looking for the commands crs_unregister and srvctl remove.

            Both commands have a usage with "-h" option

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              Hi ,

              I shutdown instance2 and dropped my database from instance1 through by keeping database in startup mount exclusive mode and fired command "drop database"
              and then i shutdown my asm instance2 and dropped asm_diskgroups from asm instance1. that is what i did.

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                Levi Pereira
                Since you removed Database and ASM manually, also you must manually remove ASM and Database from OCR.

                From ORACLE_HOME where ASM was running:
                srvctl remove asm -n <node_name> [-i <asm_instance_name>] -f
                From ORACLE_HOME where Database was running:
                srvctl remove database -d <db_name> -f 
                After that check if was removed.

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