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    Exporting/Importing files and associated resources


      I'm a P6 Professional R8.2 user
      When exporting/importing xlm files between machines, we have noticed budgets differ for some activities on both machines when accessing the same file.
      We have sorted this to an extent by selecting through import options. However, an outstanding issue remains with respect to activities which have been assigned replicated generic resources. For example, in the export file a 'Senior Engineer' may be assigned several times (for a fixed number of hours) to a particular activity without any specific named individual being specified - i.e. we have not yet assigned names but know we need several individuals with the same skill set for an equivalent period to complete some activities. In the imported file the 'Senior Engineer' only appears once and thus total budget determination is being impacted through a reduction in the activity totals.

      Is there any quick way to correct this during or following importing? Do resources within an individual activity need to have a unique Resource ID Name to accurately reflect the exported file?

      Any help gratefully received