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    i cant find reference to oracle mobile server other than oracle

      Other than oracle documentation i can't find any thing on google about it could some one refere to links of resource or forum...i even search you tube and nothing on it please assure me because i feel its a bad sign !?

      in my case i want to develop android sqllite with oracle mobile server
      i read the manual most of it and its nice but am afraid the
      reason why i don't find any thing on google that its not popular "how popular is it moblie server and its *community support*"


      i read this link

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          you are right there are not any other sources of information out there besides the webpage youmention( oracles documentation) this forum and perhaps a couple of blogs. rekounas who is a member in this forum has a very nice blog where he gives good info about olite for example. but the information is very minimal true.

          olite isnt one of the oracles flagship products, mobile server is the new version since 10gr3( olite client has been set to discontinued mode some months ago. BUT i was to point out that i remember that for other similar products (e.g. sybase mobilink,sql server synchronization examples) the information supplied was very very limited too. i think the problem is that there isnt that a big need for mobile device synchronization out there so this is why you cant find much resources OR because many companies prefer to create their own mechanisms for some kind of mobile device sync(e.g. through web services).

          you shouldnt take this as a bad sign. oracle is a big company who doesnt joke about things, they are professionals. i had found 3 bugs in olite 10gr3 and they went on and released bug fix in no time. oracle support (service request) is awesome. thats something you should check oracle support. there are some articles there also that might help you out. olite is a great tool that does its job and it offers (in my opinion) some things more that its competitors.
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            so i dont have a choice but to read the documentation and do my best ; without any tutorials or similar materials like vedios.