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      • 15. Re: Problem with printing to Lexmark int java 7
        As far as I can tell the (public) bug database is broken (no confirmation of submitted bugs like you used to get).

        You can try the Java 2d-dev mailing list to see if you can get a response there (see bottom of http://openjdk.java.net/groups/2d/ )
        • 16. Re: Problem with printing to Lexmark int java 7
          Has anyone found any solutions for this issue? Currently we are experiencing the very same issue. Printing to an Oki Microline 420 from our Java Swing based app, it works fine on Java 6 but when we upgrade to Java 7 and try to print the characters overlap.

          We really want to get it to work on Java 7 as we want to take advantage of the HTML5 capabilities.

          Any suggestions?

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