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    Oracle Upgrading the version to 11G

      Dear All,

      We are going to Upgrade our data base from Oracle 8i to 11 g, Could you please let us know what are the points needed to be taken care.

      Say for example, So far we are using in Oracle 8i Optimizer as Rule Based, This won't be applicable in Oracle 11G, means we need to taken care Optimizer as Oracle 11G won't support.

      Please let us know what are other points needs to be taken care.

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          I doubt if you can directly upgrade to 11g. you probably need to upgrade your 8i db to 9i or 10g then you need to upgrade to 11g.

          ref : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/upgrade/best-practices-for-upgrading-11gr2-174946.pdf --[Page 45]

          one of the option you can consider is : install 11g software and create new 11g database then exp your 8i database and import it into your 11g database.


          Ref : https://blogs.oracle.com/UPGRADE/entry/behaviour_changes_from_oracle_8i
          Behaviour Changes between Oracle 8i and Oracle 11.2
          Please note: This is not a 100% complete summary but it will give you a rough overview about parameter and dictionary changes from release to release plus a summary of documented behaviour changes.

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            Our Database Administrators will be taken care regarding up gradation. I'm an PL SQL dev.

            I need suggestions ( Dev. point of view) what are things we need to taken care before and after up-gradation ?