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    Probably Bug - ODP on VS2010

      i've the below software
      Vs 2010 sp1
      Oracle Client ODP

      On the db i've the below table:
      - Parent with field parent_id number (5) as primary_key
      - Child with fields child_id number as primary_key, parent_id as number with a foreign key with Parent.parent_id

      I go on VS in "Server explorer" i made a connection and then i drag the below table on new dataset file.

      After the drag i see the table on the schema but it's lost the foreign key.

      Maybe this depends on the field_type of the foreign key fields.
      Infact for the parent the type is Int32 and for the child is Decimal.

      If i create the table with the same fields size the foreign key i correctly reported on dataset.

      Why this happen? Why doesn't it notice to me?