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    wrong import

    R. Royal
      Oracle version 11.2.0
      I've the dmp file with owner=TOM

      I imported dmp file with wrong sintax:
      imp system/pwd@sid fromuser=TOM touser=system file=myimport.dmp log=myimport.log

      Now the owner TOM's objects is system but I need import again the dmp file with correct owner:
      imp system/pwd@sid fromuser=TOM touser=TOM file=myimport.dmp log=myimport.log

      All TOM's objects are imported into tablespace system with owner system, How can I delete these objects from system and import it correctly?

      Thanks in advance!
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          you need to drop all the objects belonging to tom manually. you can do is
          imp user/password file=file.dmp log=logfile.log show=y
          This is the dummy import it will not actually import the data instead it will display all the sql statements that will be executed will importing the dump file. Then using these information you can delete the tables and all object belonging to tom.