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    SQL Developer

      Anyone know following things?

      1. From how many years Oracle Developing SQL Developer?
      2. How many developers are working on this product?
      3. Where is the development team?
      4. Can we contact them and give our feedback directly?
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          Ronald Rood
          Most answers can be found here SQL Developer in the SQLDevelopers forum. The product development is active and they listen to their users. Support is given using My Oracle Support.
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            Gary Graham-Oracle
            Hi Srinivas,

            I believe Project Raptor (SQL Developer) was mentioned as early as Oracle Open World 2005. If you chain backward through our OTN download pages, the earliest archive still listed is a patch to release 1.1 (May 2007), which may have been before your time if I read your other posts correctly. The development team is geographically diverse.

            In terms of feedback:
            1. Bug reporting can either go through Oracle Support or this forum.
            2. Developers most likely will check the forum more frequently just after a new release. Dialog does occur.
            3. New features / enhancement requests should made on the SQL Developer Exchange.
            4. Direct e-mail contact may be offered, usually when dealing with some difficult-to-reproduce bug.
            5. Some developers and product managers have blogs, which can be another opportunity for dialog.

            SQL Developer Team