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    Sun Java System Web Server 7.0: Virtual Host setup

      Apologies if this is not the correct forum and for the naivety of the question. I have written a few java servlets to drive academic web applications, and inherited administration of the Linus box and Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 running on it. I know enough to mount the servlets but not much more. Hence my current dilema.

      The server is aliased to an address of the type http://sv1.gla.ac.uk/ so that this takes you to the index page of the first servlet (sv1).
      I have a new servlet currently running from http://sv1.gla.ac.uk/sv2/index.html and our support people have given me the alias http://sv2.gla.ac.uk which I would like to be able to direct to this new servlet. The support people suggest (over the phone) that I need to set up a new virtual server, but the Sun Server docs for this just tell you what fields have to be filled in, and give no examples that I can use as a template for my task.

      I would greatly appreciate any pointers people may be able to provide. I can provide more detail if necessary.