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    Problem using convertIt with jVue 20.2

      I am trying to write a VB.Net program that uses jVue DD to convert a file to PDF. The convertIt function does not seem to do anything what do i do wrong ?
      The Code i have so far is:
      <Code snippet>
      OutputName = "c:\temp\test.pdf"
      MyAv.setConvertOptions("FORMAT", "PCVC_PDF")
      MyAv.setConvertOptions("OUTPUT", Outputname)
      MyAv.setConvertOptions("AREA", "EXTENTS")
      MyAv.setConvertOptions("SCALE", 1)
      MyAv.setConvertOptions("COLORDEPTH", "ORIGINAL")
      MyAv.setConvertOptions("PAGERANGE", "ALL")
      MyAv.setConvertOptions("STL_POSITIVE_TRIANGLES", "OFF")
      </Code snippet>
      This code is run after the control is initialised and the file is loaded and visible on the form.
      There is no error message but no pdf is created either.

      Please advise.
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          Your sample code looks correct. Can you please check if the AutoVue Document Converter (a print driver installed with Desktop Deployment) is installed correctly? If not installed, you can manually install it by running <AutoVue Desktop Deployment installation dir>\bin\InstallPdfPrintDriver.exe

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            Hi, Thanks for the answer.
            I did install the PDF printerdriver but to be sure re-installed it using admin rights.
            the printer does show up in the printer llist.
            but no result - still no pdf.
            converting to pdf using the main program does work so i do not see any missing installation parts.
            converting to BMP also does not work - no BMP is created.
            again no error is shown.
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              Daniel Gariepy-Oracle

              The cause of the problem is due to new security related changes in both AutoVue Desktop Version and Desktop Deployment ActiveX.

              The API that generates the file will only be allowed to do so in specific directories (user home, temp and current working directory) to avoid risk of overwritten important system files.

              AxAutoVueX1.SetConvertOptions("OUTPUT", "C:\Document and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Temp\testconvert.pdf", "")

              You can refer to Note 1449735.1 in My Oracle Support for details.