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    Migrate Designer Repository to SDDM And Merge in VisualSubversion

      I am migrating our large Oracle Designer Repository to Oracle SQL Devleoper Data Modeler. A few months back I imported Designer into SDDM and modified some diagrams to look like those in Designer in a sandbox on my workstation. In the mean time I have set up a subversion repository on a server and changes have been made in Designer. At this point I want a fresh migration of Designer and to merge it with the sandbox. It is only a couple of diagrams that were modified in SDDM.

      Is it worth trying to merge for just two diagrams? If it is worth it what is the process? I have watched several videos and know how import Designer into SDDM and check it in to Subversion. But how do I merge what is already on my workstation into Subversion.

      I am on SDDM V3.1.1.703 and VisualSubversion V 2.5.6.


      Marcus Bacon