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    Adding new employee, login failed

      Siebel 8.1.1 on Windows 2003 Server SP2. Database: DB2 V9 on z/Os.

      Create new user account on MVS. Username: emp1001, Password: empl
      Make sure the new user account is working by login using DB2 Connect, ODBC, TSO.
      Login as SADMIN into Siebel Server using Internet Explorer with http://localhost/fins_enu
      Create a new employee account, username: emp1001
      Logout from Siebel Server.
      Login to Siebel Server as: Username: emp1001, Password: empl
      Get error message: The user ID or password that you entered is incorrect. Please check the spelling and try again.(SBL-UIF-00272)

      C:\sba81\siebsrvr\log\FINSObjMgr_enu_0010_10485800.log 8.1.1 SIA [21111] ENU

      DBCLog     DBCLogError     1     0000024c506e0ed4:0     2012-10-04 19:35:47     SQLExecDirect: set current sqlid

      ObjMgrLog     Error     1     0000024c506e0ed4:0     2012-10-04 19:35:47     (clicon.cpp (3584)) SBL-DBC-00103: The DB2 database cannot be accessed.

      Maybe the server is down or the database that the server uses is incorrect or defective. Please contact your system administrator.

      DBCLog     DBCLogError     1     0000024c506e0ed4:0     2012-10-04 19:35:47     SQLError: sqlstate 42503: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0567N The operation failed because the specified authorization name does not meet the identifier naming rules. Authorization name: "SADMIN". SQLSTATE=42503

      Somehow, the connection is still assuming "SADMIN" user name event though I typed in "emp1001" user name.
      Please help.
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          I'm not familiar with DB2, but what was the procedure that you followed when you created the login for SADMIN?
          Did you follow the same procedure for the new user?

          Can you also execute a query when you use ODBCSQL with the new user?
          See instructions on Supportweb: How Do You Test Connectivity Through ODBC Data Sources Created by Siebel? [ID 475610.1]
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            I think I know where the issue is.
            When I was "Configure a new Enterprise in a Gateway Name Server",
            I entered "SADMIN" as Current IBM DB2 SQL ID/Group Name instead of "SSEROLE" (default)
            Also, during the "Database Configuration Wizard",
            I entered "SADMIN" as Security Group ID/Grantee instead of "SSEROLE"

            I will reinstall with SSEROLE and see what happens.